Agenda Day 1

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08:30 – 08:40 Welcome

Introduction to NES 2021

Chairman of NES Jim Löfgren gives introductory remarks and discusses what to expect over the next two days.

08:40 – 09:10 Panel

I Want It And I Want It Now: A Discussion on Shoppable Content

Consumers today expect convenience at all moments throughout their day. From personalized recommendations to easy-to-find information, if a brand or retailer isn’t catering to their every want and need then that brand or retailer is already losing the fight. This fact is especially apparent in consumers’ desire for off-site shoppable content. They expect brands to meet them on channels they already spend most of their time and they want to be able to purchase then and there. Join shoppable content experts from Google and Tipser to learn what consumers expect from shoppable content experiences in today’s market and gain insights into trends in Google Shopping, and social and publisher shoppable content experiences in today’s market.

09:10 – 10:10 Keynote + Panel

A Look at Returns and Loyalty with Boozt

Keynote presentation from Boozt CFO Sandra Gadd followed by a panel discussion with Sandra, Wilhelm Hamilton (CEO of Reclaimit) and Alexis Priftis (CEO of Instabox) moderated by Isabell Aakervik (CMO of Sitoo). The presentation will entail a detailed overview of the daring Fair Use Policy Sandra implemented at Boozt and the discussion that follows will dive deep into the world of returns and what they mean for customer satisfaction.

10:10 – 10:40 Keynote

Discovery Commerce: Driving growth in an era of prediction

Today consumers expect personalised experiences in everything from music recommendations to news feed content and behaviour in shopping and in media consumption has shifted at an accelerated speed. We as marketers have the technology to make predictions so that we can anticipate interest and create demand rather than capitalising on intent. This presents huge opportunities for commerce but being successful demands new skills and strategies. Facebook covers the macro shifts behind what they call discovery commerce and what areas you as marketers should build muscles in. As a follow up to this session there will also be a master class focused on creative production for discovery.

10:40 – 11:10 Keynote

How Changing The Business Model Changes Everything

Does the standard ecommerce business model actually allow brands to focus on their customers? Hear entrepreneur Erik Zetterberg (Co-Founder of Singular Society) and Mikko Rekola (lead growth hacker at discuss this and more in this keynote session, sponsored by Klaviyo. Together, they explore the founding concept of Singular Society and how they keep their customers at the core of their marketing strategy with a unique business model built on memberships. This membership model enables Singular Society to focus on valuable, personalised customer experiences—run on Shopify, powered by Klaviyo.

11:10 – 11:40 Keynote

A Retrospective and Look Forward for Amazon in Sweden

Keynote presentation from Hanna Graflund Sleyman, Head of Vendor Management for Amazon Sweden, where she dives into how the initial launch of Amazon in Sweden has gone over the past couple of months and discusses how brands and retailers can best leverage the platform as a sales channel going into the future.

11:40 – 12.10 Keynote

Selling to Generation “See”: Commerce Trends and Tactics that Win Consumers with Skinnydip and Champion

Recent Nosto research revealed that Generation Z are retail’s most engaged and visual consumers: from the channels they use to interact with brands down to the content they consume to make purchase decisions. As the industry slowly eases into a new era of commerce experiences, how can brands tap into the revenue opportunities this generation of consumers provides? Tune in as James White, Nosto’s General Manager (UK) sits down with Skinnydip London and Champion to discuss the site experiences tactics they’ve implemented to appeal to the Gen Z consumer: from hyper-personalised homepage experiences to strategic merchandising, A/B testing and more.

12:30 – 13:00 Keynote

Becoming a Data Informed Business within Retail

Today, most businesses are aware of the importance of data and are investing in technology for collecting and making data available throughout their organisation. But what does it really mean to be data informed within retail and what is the goal of becoming a data informed business? Learn how Bricobomba and Snowflake helped Rusta on their journey towards becoming a more data informed business.

13:00 – 14:00 Masterclass

Shoppable Social Proof: Creating eCommerce Experiences that Inspire Discovery and Purchase

As online shopping surges and competition increases, it’s more challenging for brands to break through the noise to engage and convert scroll-happy shoppers who have high expectations and low trust in brands. Visual social proof has already been impactful in helping retailers reach shoppers on social networks. But the value of social proof can (and should) extend far beyond social channels. In this masterclass, Andy Mallinson (CRO of Stackla) will discuss these challenges and the ways in which marketing and eCommerce professionals can create engaging shopping experiences that build trust and boost conversions by leveraging shoppable user-generated content (UGC) throughout their entire customer journey.

13:00 – 14:00 Masterclass

Create for Growth: A Creative Approach To Unlock New Audiences

Create for Growth helps clients to break out of a performance rut by building motivation-led creatives, launching them in a broad environment with an attached measurement agenda. With this approach we explore which creative motivations and messages resonate with different sets of consumers, and can act as a resource to help brands uncover the most relevant angle for reaching new audiences. Calle and Elin from Facebook will take you through the methodology behind Create for Growth and share learnings from recent projects using the approach.

13:00 – 14:00 Masterclass

The Quickest Path to Additional Revenue: The Case of Search & Navigation

Brands are looking to create meaningful connections with people but for most Heads of eCommerce, CDOs, it’s hard to personalize digital experiences without first understanding intent and so unlock additional revenue. Join Gaetan Gachet, Chief Strategy Officer of Algolia, for a session full of strategies to deliver rich product and content based experiences on every device and every channel, showcasing the use case of the leading fitness apparel and accessories brand and online retailer, Gymshark.

14.00 – 14:30 Session

How Totême Delivers Exceptional & Tailored Customer Experience

Personalized customer experience has always been key to build brand desirability and drive client engagement. Global CX Manager Ruben Garcia and CRM Specialist Alexandra Lahdo from Totême share how this brand delivers exceptional customer experiences that supports their online shoppers and is tailored to their needs. In this talk, you’ll learn how: 1) Brands can create personalized experiences tailored to their clients; 2) Empower Customer Centricity Mindset in the CX Team; 3) How Gorgias’ Platform helps to improve their customer service processes.

14.00 – 14:30 Session

Unlock Growth Through Product Experience Management

In the omnichannel age, compelling customer experiences are the difference between success and failure. But creating emotionally resonant experiences that turn shoppers into buyers isn’t possible without a near-perfect product experience. Learn to master Product Experience Management (PXM), discover tips and best practices, and take control of your product experience to unlock growth with Magnus Bengtsson from Akeneo!

14.00 – 14:30 Session

4 Steps to Differentiate Your Brand Using Storytelling

The global market is killing product differentiation. When thousands of products and services offer the same features – how do you stand out as a marketer? Listen in to Dennis Rosenqvist and Charlotte Hermansson from HiQ as they teach you about storytelling. The skill that gives your brand a truly unique position on the marketplace.

14:30 – 15:30 Masterclass

Actionable Guidelines to On-Site Search Optimisation

Join lingerie retailer Pour Moi and leading search and navigation vendor Findologic for a masterclass full of actionable insights, guidelines and best practice that will arm your online store against market volatility and allow you to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated and demanding digital market. This masterclass will address every element of your on-site optimisation end-to-end, so that you can return to your desk and action the points covered to ensure a gold-standard experience within every element of your browsers journey.

14:30 – 15:30 Masterclass

The Power of Feed-Based Advertising – Search Ads & Automation

Automating the creation of Search campaigns in Google is a priority, but most PPC teams still create campaigns manually or via spreadsheets – and waste a ton of time. In this session, Channable has teamed up with SavvyRevenue and will share how they made it work for some of Scandinavia’s largest eCommerce stores. Automate promotions, campaign creation, keyword discovery, and more without compromising your campaign quality or being forced to follow a specific tool’s way of working with Google Ads. The masterclass is intended for eCommerce stores with activities in many countries or with a SKU count above 5,000 products.

14:30 – 15:30 Masterclass

Headless eCommerce : A Game-Changer for the Mid-Market ?

Expert insights – Join the CEOs of Styla, German engineering for Content Technologies as a Service, and Calashock, the BigCommerce agency for fast-growing online brands, sharing valuable industry insights and discussing a product proposition that is about to run hot: “The Headless Frontend space” !

14:30 – 15:30 Masterclass

Masterclass: Data Sharing For Retail Organisations: How can data be used to drive the retail sector forward

An interactive masterclass led by Senior Evangelist Eva Murray at Snowflake. Eva is a recognised expert in data visualization and is passionate about helping people understand, work with and fall in love with data. She will talk about how data sharing can help retailers get faster access to insight and strengthen relationships with business ecosystems.

15:30 – 16:00 NES Keynote

Pivoting in The Pandemic: How We Helped Carex Deliver Handwash to The Nation

The unforeseen impact of COVID-19 forced consumers to turn to ecommerce, many buying online for the first time, with all shoppers buying more products in a wider range of categories. For legacy brands like Carex, that meant moving quickly to build their own direct-to-consumer (D2C) models, shifting to the online shopping experience to build a direct relationship with consumers and meet demand for their products.

16:00 – 17:00 NES Keynote

A Fireside Chat with Jonny Wilkinson

Fireside chat with former international rugby superstar and ecommerce entrepreneur, Jonny Wilkinson. He’ll be speaking about on and off pitch endeavours and of course that famous drop goal. Jonny shared his views and best practices on leadership, resilience, performance and cultivating a prepared mind.

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