3 Simple Strategies that Helped Bestseller Adopt an Early Omnichannel Mindset

In many retail organizations, there is still a divide between the digital and physical shopping experiences; they are often regarded as two different business areas of an organization. However, some retailers, such as Danish company Bestseller, have succeeded in creating an omnichannel experience for their customers – and it starts with shifting the organization’s internal mindset.

Søren Gundtoft Johansen, Head of Omnichannel at Bestseller, took the NES stage in 2016 to reveal the 3 simple strategies that helped them achieve that.

3 Basic Strategies That Helped Bestseller Embrace Omnichannel Retail

Bestseller is a family-owned clothing and accessories company founded in Denmark in 1975. They aim to provide fast, affordable fashion for women, men, teenagers and children. Their products are available online, in branded physical stores and in multi-brand and department stores.

In order to establish a cohesive bridge between their physical and digital presence from the start of their business, Bestseller turned to 3 strategies that helped establish an omnichannel mindset among their employees.

The launch of click-and-collect to drive online customers to the physical store

Bestseller altered their shipping strategy by adopting “click-and-collect”, delivering customer orders to a nearby store location instead of the customer’s home. This encouraged face-to-face interaction between the brand and the consumer, offering a more personal experience.

Turning product returns into an up-sell opportunity

Bestseller capitalizes on product returns by finding opportunity in the loss. When the brand launched their click-and-collect functionality, customers were also given the ability to return unwanted online products to the physical store – helping further merge the online and physical store experiences. Bestseller saw this as an up-sell opportunity where they could entice the shopper with other new or related products in a more personal setting.

Implementing a simple (but solid) loyalty initiative

Bestseller initially considered creating a full loyalty program but thought it would be time consuming and yield ineffective results. Instead, they simply introduced stampable cards in some of their stores to give to clients that made a purchase. Each subsequent purchase would equal one stamp on their card, and a filled card would lead to a discount on a future purchase. This also led to a friendly internal competition between Bestseller stores, where the store who gave out the most stamp cards would win candy from Bestseller. Their approach was not only a cost-effective solution for the brand, but it encouraged customers to interact with the brand and make purchases.

A Lesson in Success: Less is Certainly More

Bestseller’s approach to success is one that many retailers can also achieve. With the right plan in place, the simplest initiatives can transform a brand’s omnichannel efforts into big wins and, in turn, increase customer loyalty. You can view the full discussion with Søren Gundtoft of Bestseller below: