Frank and Oak’s Tips to Leveraging Community Creation and Customer Experiences

Founded in 2012 by Ethan Song, mens fashion brand Frank and Oak sought out to make the shopping experience for men more enjoyable and entertaining. Song is a believer of simplicity, stating that shopping experiences are meant to be simple but are often made complicated through the use of technology. With a smaller and more relevant product set and a focus on fostering community and experiences, Song built a brand that encourages shoppers to discover and engage with ease.

At NES 2015, Ethan Song of Frank and Oak explained 3 tips they use to leverage community and customer experiences to help build a global brand:

1. Focus on community value — not just the technology behind the brand.

While today’s consumer generation has a global reach, they value purpose-driven brands with a local and community mindset. Rather than solely focusing on the technology that fuels their business, Frank and Oak focuses on strengthening culture and community at a local level, hosting local activities that help them connect with their audience at a more personal level.

2. The experience IS the product.

For Frank and Oak, focusing their efforts on innovating the shopping experience is a game changer that allows them to craft a completely unique journey for their shoppers. By using customer experience as a pillar to success (rather than focus solely on the product), brands can better align and promote their product offering, which leads to greater growth.

3. Success goes beyond the ecommerce site.

The ecommerce experience woven by a number of initiatives; without them, a brand simply will not succeed. Each of these initiatives – from customer relationships to authenticity, loyalty and ease of use must be connected. Thus it is important to not forget what is behind the technology, the platforms and the tech solutions.

How can retailers implement these tips?

  • Use mobile as a growth pillar. As ecommerce enters the “mobile first” generation, there are a number of ways that retailers can capitalize on the shift to meet customers wherever they are and optimize the shopping experience to fit their preferences.
  • Leverage physical store space to foster community. Frank and Oak sees their physical stores as places to build a local culture. For example, having a coffee shop in the store for customers to enjoy is an opportunity to build deeper connections without solely aiming to sell products.

To check out the full NES presentation, tune in below: